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OptiYou Rx Workshop

The OptiYou Rx Wellness Workshop is your first step of your Optimal Health Journey. Here you will be introduced to the 5 pillars of Optimal Health. 

It is a free one hour livesteam workshop with expert speaker, Billy Wease, RPh, who has over 20 years 

of clinical experience helping patients improve their health from diabetes, body composition,

high blood pressure and more.

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Most everyone knows that our bodies are made up of 70% water. But what most don't know or understand, is that the type of water we drink has a massive effect on the toxicity level of our bodies.


Exercise is vital when it comes to achieving optimal health. Unfortunately, most people get this wrong. Many of the old philosophies about exercise weren't backed by science and therefore aren't very effective.

We teach exercise protocols that are backed by scientific research, builds muscle, and burns fat.


What we put into our bodies is one of the most important factors when it comes to our health. We believe that the food we eat should be of the highest quality, local as much as possible, and sends the right information throughout our body.


Nutritional supplements should aid in the many different metabolic processes within our body. From digestion to energy production. 

The OptiYou Rx supplements are manufactured in a cGMP facility and are NSF International certified.


In today's world, we know that this one is the one that gets overlooked the most. Not allowing our bodies to recover each and every day has many negative hormonal effects that can begin to cause problems over time.

In the OptiYou RX program, we teach you why rest is so important and also give you lots of tools and resources that can help you rest easier and more effectively.

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